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Future Ennui - The Atlantic

"Future shock is over. Apple Watch reveals that we suffer a new affliction: future ennui. The excitement of a novel technology (or anything, really) has been replaced—or at least dampened—by the anguish of knowing its future burden. "


*The Internet is here for your jet-engines.

*That’s a pretty good report as analyst reports go.  I’ll reframe the “three approaches” for you:

*Grab full cybernetic control of old-fashioned, leaky machinery;

*Disrupt and dis-intermediate the previous value chain;

*Eliminate unions and fire the industrial work force.

*How could that not work?  There’s every kind of logic behind it.  It won’t be easy, of course it’s epic struggle, but it’s not hype or delusion.  It’s what’s happening everywhere else only more so.


Blinded By Big Data: It's The Models, Stupid – ReadWrite

What does “BIG DATA” mean for official statistics?

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(via The Metaphors That Shape Our Lives | mjays.net by Martin Spindler)

“Critique shouldn’t stop us from acting or, in my opinion, tell us how to act. Critical awareness should help us situate ourselves, make active decisions to do some things and not others, and accept the consequences of these actions for ourselves and others.”